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Using the Library

Printing, Photocopying, Scanning and Wifi

  • Printing
    • All users (except External users), can print from any of the MFDs in SOAS, as long as they have enough credit on their account. Your print credit will be displayed on the top right hand corner of the screen once you login to the machine
    • All workstations are configured to print in black and white. To print in colour, please go to printer properties before sending your file to print and change to colour (Select Printer Properties >Colour Mode>Auto [Colour/B&W]>Okay>Print). Users then need to visit a colour machine to print the job
    • Once a print job has been sent the user must log into a printing machine, please touch your SOAS ID card on the card reader (on the left of the LCD screen) or manually enter your SOAS login details on the machine
    • All users must log out after using the MFDs or they risk losing credit due to unauthorised usage by others
  • Printing remotely

    SOAS staff and students can print remotely from their own devices. It is possible to submit a print job from your laptop, smartphone or other devices. Once submitted the document can be printed out by logging on to any of our managed printers.

    To print from your own device you must be logged onto a SOAS network (e.g. eduroam) to use this service. Go to Print SOAS Setup and follow the instructions below or follow the PDF guide  Setting up your laptop for printing (pdf; 335kb)  .

    1. Click download
    2. Run the Mobility Print installer to install your printer
    3. Select setup language
    4. Accept the licence agreement
    5. Select Print Follow Me (PaperCut)
    6. Enter your network login
    7. Click finish to exit setup
  • Photocopying and Scanning
    • All users can photocopy at any of the MFD’s across SOAS
    • Scan to email is only available to SOAS staff and Students
    • To photocopy all users must ensure that they have enough print credit loaded on their SOAS ID card, for externals on their print accounts
    • To photocopy or scan you must first login to the printer, either by entering your login credentials manually or by scanning your SOAS ID card on the card reader
    • Quick guides to photocopying and scanning are available, under the download section on the top right hand side of this page
    • All users must log out after using the MFDs or they risk losing credit due to unauthorised usage by others
    • All users must comply with copyright regulation when printing, photocopying and scanning. Copyright statements are displayed by each machine
  • Costs and crediting your account
    • Printing and photocopying costs are the same
    • Black and White printing and photocopying:
      • 5p per A4 sheet of paper
      • 10p per A3 sheet of paper
    • Colour printing and photocopying:
      • 20p per single sided A4 & 35p double sided A4
      • 35p per single sided A3 & 60p double sided A3
    • Scanning is free (only available for SOAS staff and students)
    • Credit for SOAS Students – All SOAS students are given a certain amount of credit when they successfully enrol each year for their course
      • Undergraduates will receive £7.50, equivalent to 150 black and white, A4 sheets
      • Postgraduates get £12.50
      • Research students will have £20
    • When these free credits are finished, students need to add credit to their account, see Adding credit to print account below. Please note that any unused credit will not be refunded
    • Credit for SOAS staff – Staff printing is charged to the Department. All SOAS staff are given a quota limit each month. If this quota limit is used up before the end of the month, please contact your faculty administrator or departmental manager for extra quota
    • External Users & Day visitors – A temporary SOAS account will be created when applying for membership. Users will be given a User ID with an expiry date (depending on the type of membership) and a password. Such users will need to add credit to their account using one of our top-up machines
  • Adding credit

    You will need to credit your own printing account using credit/debit card via PaperCut then follow the instructions below:

  • Other Advice
    • Don't leave your printing too close to your assignment deadline as queues can develop at the printers and we cannot guarantee that you will be able to meet your deadlines
    • Keep your card and password secure to prevent unauthorised use of your account. If you have lost your SOAS ID card, please report it to the Library. If you think someone knows your login details then you should change your password. It is also advisable to change your password frequently and/or when the system prompts you to do so
    • Please note that unspent credit on print accounts is non-refundable
    • If you find your card has been attached to the wrong user ID, please email to get this resolved
    • Don't allow another person to use your username and password or your SOAS ID card. If you use a username other than your own, or disclose your username and password to another person you are breaking the University's IT Policies and Regulations
    • Any work you send to the printer is held in a queue, it will only be printed when you tell the printer to release your work for printing by touching the keypad with your ID Card. Your print job will not be processed unless you have enough credit for the whole job
    • Alternative paper for visual enhancement is available for use in the Library near the cluster of devices on Level F, E and D ( Copy & Print on Alternative Paper (pdf; 251kb)  ). In addition, users can contact the IT Service Desk for support on x4950, or at
    • There are built in staplers on all our MFD’s. They are located below the LCD screen and card reader. There is a thin slot where you can slide your papers into and staple
    eduroam QR code.png 

    EduroamCAT QR code

    Note that your username must be appended with ''. This means that if your username is '123456' your eduroam username must be specified as ''. If you do not do this, you will be unable to connect!
    When configured as well as getting Internet connectivity here, you will automatically connect when visiting other eduroam enabled institutions.
    If you have problems connecting or need further assistance using eduroamCAT then please visit the 'IT Service Desk' located on the ground floor of the Library or email at
    You can connect your devices to Wi-Fi using the eduroam network, just select eduroam from the list of available networks on your device and login with your SOAS email and password. Some devices may require additional configuration:
    • EAP method: TTLS
    • Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPV2
    • CA certificate: N/A orDo Not Validate
    • Identity: your SOAS email
    • Anonymous identity:
    • Password: your SOAS password
    Apple Mac
    When asked to authenticate certificate, you can select show certificate to view it. Click continue (may have to enter device password) to connect.
    Certificate will appear, press trust in the top right hand corner to authenticate and connect.