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Using the Library

Library Copyright Guidance: Audio-Visual Material

Film and sound recordings (e.g. CDs, DVDs, videos) in the Library's collections may be copied by users under fair dealing for private study or research, or, if the work is covered, under SOAS's Copyright Licensing Agency licence (see Photocopying Library material). For example, a Library user could copy a portion of a film or sound recording borrowed from the Library providing they follow the principles of fair dealing, the copying is necessary to achieve their research or study purpose, and the research is of a private or non-commercial nature.

It is the responsibility of the Library user to ensure they comply with copyright law when deciding to reproduce any copyright protected work held by the Library.

In some circumstances, it may also be lawful for users to copy short extracts for the purpose of reproducing the extract in another work: see Reproduction of Library materials.

Last updated February 2020