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Using the Library

Library layout

General guide to finding material & services in the Library. There are seating areas on all levels and three reference reading rooms which are usually located near to the relevant collection.

For more detailed locations of books and journals, please check the Library catalogue and then refer to the Location List.

Level Collections & facilities Class marks
Level A
(fourth floor)
  • South Asia
  • Study Spaces
  • 2 b/w copiers
  • Online library catalogue
Level B
(third floor)
  • Ancient Near East, Semitics & Judaica
  • Islamic Near & Middle East
  • Study Spaces
HM-HXB, N, O, P, Q
Level C
(second floor)
  • China & East Asia
  • Japan
  • South East Asia & Pacific
  • Carrels
  • Online library catalogues
  • Staff Offices
  • Study Spaces
c., C D, DB G, H-HKI, I
Level D
(first floor)
  • Africa
  • Korea
  • Art & Archaeology
  • Law
  • Main Reading Room (Computer Room)
  • Microform readers
  • Carrels
  • Study room for students with disabilities (D15)
  • Online library catalogues
  • 4 Walk-in-user PCs
  • Study Spaces
A340-349 DK, CD U, V, W, Y F, ,j.F, c.F
Level E
(ground floor)
  • Non-Regional Humanities and Social Sciences (except Law)
  • Issue Desk
  • Membership Desk
  • Reader Services Team (E13)
  • Enquiry Desk and Subject Librarians (E10)
  • IT Support helpdesk
  • Lee Periodicals
  • Stand up Student PC's
  • Photocopiers/Printers/Scanners
  • Audio-visual materials & equipment
  • Online catalogues
  • 4 Walk-in-user PCs
  • Library entrance & exit
  • Group study rooms (E20-E25)
  • Language Study Room
  • Language Labs (E35-E37)
 A (except A340-349)
Level F
  • Archives, Manuscripts & Special Collections
  • Special Collections Reading Room