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Make it accessible: File conversion using SensusAccess

SensusAccess is a self-service solution for staff and students to convert files to format based on individual needs. SensusAccess allows the conversion of documents such as image pdfs, jpegs, text files and others to a range of alternative file formats such as: e-book, text file, audio (mp3, DAISY) or braille.

The tool can be used by SOAS staff and students. For help videos and downloadable guides, please see the links on the right-hand menu.

Conditions of use

You can make an accessible copy if:

  • you own the copyright (e.g., it's your own work)
  • have permission from the copyright holder
  • if the copyright has expired
  • or if it's for someone with a visual impairment

If you meet the above criteria, you need to agree that:

Use SensusAccess to convert a file