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Burzine Waghmar

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Burzine Waghmar
SOAS National Research Library University of London
10, Thornhaugh Street
Russell Square
London WC1H 0XG
Great Britain
+44(0)20 78984144
Website Skype Contact: british.orientalist
​B. K. Waghmar
South Asia and Arts & Humanities Lead Librarian (History of Art & Archaeology)
SOAS National Research Library, University of London
Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square
London WC1H 0XG
Working hours: Wednesdays-Fridays 1000-1830 hrs.

Member, Centre for Iranian Studies, SOAS

Member, Centre for the Study of Pakistan, SOAS

Member, SOAS South Asia Institute

Fellow, European Foundation for South Asian Studies, The Netherlands

Sr. Fellow, USANAS Foundation, India

Governing Board Member, K R Cama Oriental Institute (KRCOI). India

Inaugural Visiting India Fellow, Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), UK


Old, Middle and New Indo-Aryan (Gujarati, Hindi, Kashmiri, Marathi, Nepali, Prakrit, Sanskrit, Urdu)

Old, Middle and New Iranian (Avestan, Bactrian, Balochi, Khotanese, Khwarezmian, Old Persian, Manichaean Middle Persian, Modern Persian, Pahlavi, Parthian, Pashto, Sogdian)

Reading Knowledge of Arabic (Qu'ranic), French, German, Italian and Russian


Iranian and Inner Asian history and historical geography (2500 BC-AD 1000); Zoroastrianism; Manichaeism; Middle Iranian philology: epigraphy, diplomatics, lexicography; Parthian and Sasanian legacies of the Silk Road during late antiquity (AD 250-800); Arab conquest and Central Asian historiography; Iranian spiritual and cultural impact on formative Islam

Bactrian studies; Kushan and Kushano-Sasanian history; Pashto language and literature

History and historical geography: Vedic and post-Vedic, Indo-Greeks, Indo-Parthians, Mauryan, Guptan and late-classical

History and historical geography; Indo-Iranian dialectology and ethnology of Balochistan, FATA/Waziristan, NWFP/Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Northern Areas/Gilgit-Baltistan; counterterrorism (CT): voice interception, interpretation and linguistic analysis (HUMINT)

Classical history and theology (AD 600-1258); dhimmī studies (Muslim non-Muslim relations, especially in Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh); mediaeval and modern political thought

Historiography of Iranistics, Islamics and Indology; Anglo-American orientalists; history of SOAS


Proofreader: Encyclopædia Iranica; Iranian Studies; Pakistaniyaat: Journal of Pakistan Studies; Religion Compass; Journal of Islamic Studies (Oxford).

External Examiner: Ministry of Defence Languages Examination Board (MODLEB), U.K.

External Auditor: VOA Pashto Service and VOA Urdu Service, Washington DC.

Consultant: Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), Home Office, U.K.; Greater Manchester Police, Counter-terrorism Unit, U.K.; Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), Home Office, U.K.; HSBC, London; CENTRA Technology Inc., Arlington, VA; InterMedia Survey Institute, Washington DC; A.&C. Black Publishers Ltd., London; White Pebble Media Ltd., London; Carbon Media Ltd., London; Johnson & Alcock, London; Books of Asia, London; Reaktion Books Ltd., London; Continental Correspondence, London; BBC Radio Drama; BBC Television, Bristol; Woodfine Batcheldor Solicitors, Bedford; Evans Woolfe Media, Twickenham; New Pictures, London; Zig-Zag Productions Ltd., London;
Amir Mohtashemi, London.

Media Commentator: Al Jazeera English, London; BBC World Service, London; BBC News 24 and BBC World News, London; BBC News America, Washington DC; BBC Radio 4, London; BBC Radio Scotland, Glasgow; BBC Radio Solent, Southampton; BBC WM, Birmingham; Monocle 24 Radio, London; Channel 4 News, London; VOA, London; Press TV, London; MTA TV, London; Associated Press (AP), London; ZDF TV, Mainz; The New York Times; Information.DK, Copenhagen; ADN Kronos International, Rome; The Times Educational Supplement (TES), London; Times Now TV, India; Republic TV, India; CNN News18; DD India; India Ahead News; TAG TV, Canada; WION.

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